Iowa Games 2011
Official Results

Juniors 10-11

     1st Place: Cole Webster*

     2nd Place: David Breese *

     3rd Place: Rei McCormick*

     1st Cons: n/a

Juniors 12-14

     1st Place: Ben Dixon*

     2nd Place: Seth Strohmeyer*

     3rd Place: Cole Webster*

     1st Cons: David Breese *

Juniors 9+

     1st Place: Nolan Baysinger*

     2nd Place: Ryan Neubauer*

     3rd Place: Rei McCormick*

     1st Cons: n/a

Juniors Multi-Bounce

     1st Place: David Strohmeyer*

     2nd Place: Micah Benson*

     3rd Place: Benjamin Horner*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 35 Singles

     1st Place: Allen Hibbard*

     2nd Place: Johnny Reimers*

     3rd Place: Mark Baysinger*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 45 Singles

     1st Place: Dave Feldman*

     2nd Place: Scott Franklin*

     3rd Place: Allen Hibbard*

     1st Cons: Lee Bendickson*

Men's 55 Singles

     1st Place: Richard Friede*

     2nd Place: Dennis Baysinger*

     3rd Place: Larry Schlepphorst*

     1st Cons: Andy Winkleman*

Men's A Singles

     1st Place: Andy Briggs*

     2nd Place: Brian White*

     3rd Place: John Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: Don McCormick*

Men's B Singles

     1st Place: Tony Sherratt*

     2nd Place: Scott Heuchelin*

     3rd Place: John Wilson*

     1st Cons: Corey Peters

Men's C Singles

     1st Place: Dave Husske*

     2nd Place: Lee Bendickson*

     3rd Place: Dennis Overman*

     1st Cons: Bill Benson*

Men's D Singles

     1st Place: Jacob Feldman*

     2nd Place: Ben Dixon*

     3rd Place: Seth Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's Open Singles

     1st Place: Bryan Crosser*

     2nd Place: Matthew Guetzko*

     3rd Place: Russ Powers*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's B Singles

     1st Place: Bridget Skarda*

     2nd Place: Krista Yourstone*

     3rd Place: Sherrie Yourstone*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's Open Singles

     1st Place: Katie Yourstone*

     2nd Place: Missy Menning*

     3rd Place: Jean Chleborad*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 35A Doubles

     1st Place: Dave Feldman* / Doug Reiman*

     2nd Place: Dave Harbeck* / Ron Sweeney*

     3rd Place: David Chizek* / John Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Doubles

     1st Place: Andy Briggs* / Brian White*

     2nd Place: Jeff Maki* / Josh Paul*

     3rd Place: Dan King* / Aaron Kurowski*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's B Doubles

     1st Place: Rick Beier* / Tony Sherratt*

     2nd Place: Duane Wergeland* / Matt Wergeland

     3rd Place: Scott McDonald* / Greg Philby*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Scott Franklin* / Matthew Guetzko*

     2nd Place: Rob Paulsen* / Michael White*

     3rd Place: Russ Powers* / Rick Stammer*

     1st Cons: n/a

Mixed Open/A Doubles

     1st Place: Sue Beckwith* / Ron Sweeney*

     2nd Place: Renae Lampkin* / Rob Paulsen*

     3rd Place: Jean Chleborad* / Dave Harbeck*

     1st Cons: Aaron Kurowski* / Bridget Skarda*

Women's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Susan Acoymo* / Renae Lampkin*

     2nd Place: Cheryl Conrad* / Billie Dyer*

     3rd Place: Katie Yourstone* / Sherrie Yourstone*

     1st Cons: n/a

TBD = To Be Determined/Not Played
* = Award not picked up