Oakmoor 2010 Fall Classic
Official Results

Golden Masters

     1st Place: Steve Nims*

     2nd Place: Tim Shoemaker*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Jim King*


     1st Place: Lucas Shoemaker*

     2nd Place: Ben Dixon*

     3rd Place: Jacob Thompson*

     1st Cons: Cole Webster*


     1st Place: Bob Mayo*

     2nd Place: Scott Franklin*

     3rd Place: Rich Ross*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Singles

     1st Place: Brandon Shanahan*

     2nd Place: Randy Hisey*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Will Ross*

Men's B Singles

     1st Place: Dan Dobill*

     2nd Place: Brennan Neville*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Josh Paul*

Men's C Singles

     1st Place: Corey Peters*

     2nd Place: Brian Dixon*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Mark Heller*

Men's Open Singles

     1st Place: Brad Hansen*

     2nd Place: Brad McCunniff*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Travis Mettenbrink*

Men's AA Singles

     1st Place: Sampson Shnurman*

     2nd Place: Scott Hoag*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Matt Tarkett*

Midget Multi-Bounce

     1st Place: Parker Perentis*

     2nd Place: Kailey Tarkett*

     3rd Place: Taegan Burns*

     1st Cons: n/a

Pee-Wee Multi-Bounce

     1st Place: Kealyn Burns*

     2nd Place: Johnny Mingles*

     3rd Place: Adelynn White*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior B

     1st Place: Kurt VanDam*

     2nd Place: Rick Beier*

     3rd Place: Marty Stoakes*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior Open

     1st Place: John Brumm*

     2nd Place: Jason Hugi*

     3rd Place: Rob Shaw*

     1st Cons: n/a

Master's Doubles

     1st Place: Mick Secory* / Ron Sweeney*

     2nd Place: Dan King* / Gregory Moore*

     3rd Place: Carl Hotchkiss* / Dean Summa*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Doubles

     1st Place: Dave Duscher* / Carlos Torres*

     2nd Place: Dan King* / Aaron Kurowski*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Andy Briggs* / Brian White*

Men's B/C Doubles

     1st Place: Marty Kasl* / Samir Muslic*

     2nd Place: Rick Beier* / Jeff Maki*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Jim D Sampica* / Jim T Sampica*

Men's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Bryan Crosser* / Brad Hansen*

     2nd Place: Mark Mingles* / Rob Paulsen*

     3rd Place: Matt Guetzko* / Sampson Shnurman*

     1st Cons: n/a

Mixed A/B Doubles

     1st Place: Brittany Hennigan* / Carlos Torres*

     2nd Place: Grace Jaworsky* / Brennan Neville*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Aaron Kurowski* / Renae Lampkin*

Mixed Open Doubles

     1st Place: Ryan Davis* / Linda Moore*

     2nd Place: Gabrielle Shnurman* / Bill Whipps*

     3rd Place: Sue Beckwith* / Ron Sweeney*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior's Doubles

     1st Place: John Brumm* / Ryan Davis*

     2nd Place: Mark Mingles* / Rob Paulsen*

     3rd Place: Bob Mayo* / Rob Shaw*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Brittany Hennigan* / Linda Moore*

     2nd Place: Cheryl Conrad* / Billie Dyer*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Wendy Chesters* / Grace Jaworsky*

TBD = To Be Determined/Not Played
* = Award not picked up