2013 Oakmoor Spring Invitational
Official Results

Golden Masters

     1st Place: Brian Ott*

     2nd Place: Kurt Anderson*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Al Hibbard*

Juniors 12 & Over

     1st Place: Ben Dixon*

     2nd Place: Charlie Ellis*

     3rd Place: Natalie Beck*

     1st Cons: Beau Baker*

Juniors 9-12

     1st Place: Roland Siverling*

     2nd Place: Rei McCormick*

     3rd Place: Nathan Baysinger*

     1st Cons: Ryan Neubauer*


     1st Place: Rick Schacht*

     2nd Place: Dave Graddy*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Matt Whipps*

Men's A Singles

     1st Place: Mike Davidson*

     2nd Place: Andy Briggs*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Mark Van Klompenburg*

Men's B Singles

     1st Place: Michael Carr*

     2nd Place: Nathan Brockbank*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: John Major*

Men's C Singles

     1st Place: Travis Kaster*

     2nd Place: Brady Barker*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Lucas Shoemaker*

Men's D Singles

     1st Place: Alex Wallace*

     2nd Place: Jacob Feldman*

     3rd Place: Jason Faas*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's Open Singles

     1st Place: Brad McCunniff*

     2nd Place: Brad Hansen*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: TBD

Men's AA Singles

     1st Place: Matt2 Guetzko*

     2nd Place: Mike Lewis*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Derek Ott*

Multi-Bounce Boys

     1st Place: Derrick Dodd*

     2nd Place: Spencer Paulsen*

     3rd Place: Benjamin Horner*

     1st Cons: n/a

Multi-Bounce Girls

     1st Place: Kealyn Burns*

     2nd Place: Adelynn White*

     3rd Place: Reagan Talbert*

     1st Cons: n/a

Platinum Masters

     1st Place: Jim Brown*

     2nd Place: Fasil Kebede*

     3rd Place: Mike Markt*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior B

     1st Place: Dale Malcolm*

     2nd Place: David Chizek*

     3rd Place: Marty Stoakes*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior Open

     1st Place: Jason Hugi*

     2nd Place: Brian White*

     3rd Place: Lance Kettering*

     1st Cons: n/a

Two Bounce

     1st Place: Gehrig Christensen*

     2nd Place: Andrew Gleason*

     3rd Place: Taegan Burns*

     1st Cons: Faith Putz*

Women's A Singles

     1st Place: Cheryl Jones*

     2nd Place: Teri Midkiff*

     3rd Place: Bridget Kurowski*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's B/C Singles

     1st Place: Kelly Mand*

     2nd Place: Ema Muslic*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Naila Muslic*

Century Doubles

     1st Place: Craig Diehl* / Carlos Torres*

     2nd Place: Fasil Kebede* / Matt Whipps*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Robert Born* / Mike Markt*

Junior Doubles

     1st Place: Rei McCormick* / Roland Siverling*

     2nd Place: Beau Baker* / Wyatt McCarty*

     3rd Place: David Bergren* / Carter Harbeck*

     1st Cons: n/a

Master's Doubles

     1st Place: Dave Duscher* / Tracy Haynes*

     2nd Place: Dave Graddy* / George Selke*

     3rd Place: Ben Roy* / Rick Schacht*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Doubles

     1st Place: Richard Andriano* / Aaron Kurowski*

     2nd Place: Andy Briggs* / Brian White*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Kirk Hunsiker* / Craig Vanderbeek*

Men's B/C Doubles

     1st Place: Drew Ferguson* / John Major*

     2nd Place: Nathan Brockbank* / David Husske*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: David Chizek* / John Strohmeyer*

Men's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Brad Hansen* / Ryan Ratchford

     2nd Place: Bryan Crosser* / Sampson Shnurman*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Derek Ott* / Brian Ott*

Mixed A Doubles

     1st Place: Linda Brandt* / Tracy Haynes*

     2nd Place: Dave Feldman* / Renae Lampkin*

     3rd Place: Brian Goracke* / Diana Matthews*

     1st Cons: n/a

Mixed B/C Doubles

     1st Place: Kristi Diehl* / Tom Sanft*

     2nd Place: Teresa Koch* / Dennis Overman*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Seth Malcolm* / Ema Muslic*

Mixed Open Doubles

     1st Place: TBD

     2nd Place: TBD

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Ron Bacon* / Linda Moore*

Senior's Doubles

     1st Place: John Brumm / Ryan Davis

     2nd Place: Brent Quinn* / Paul Sonksen*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Brian Goracke* / Greg Reitmeier*

Women's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Brittany Hennigan* / Linda Moore*

     2nd Place: Linda Brandt* / Carrie Reitmeier*

     3rd Place: Jodi Beecham* / Diana Matthews*

     1st Cons: n/a

TBD = To Be Determined/Not Played
* = Award not picked up