2009 Iowa Games
Official Results


     1st Place: Kobe Burns

     2nd Place: Ben Dixon

     3rd Place: Seth Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 35B Singles

     1st Place: Brian White*

     2nd Place: David Chizek*

     3rd Place: Scott Heuchelin*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 40+ Singles

     1st Place: Jay Kaiser*

     2nd Place: Bryan Borchert

     3rd Place: Gerald Eichhorn*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 55 Singles

     1st Place: Ron Sweeney

     2nd Place: Dennis Baysinger

     3rd Place: Jerry Heston*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Singles

     1st Place: Wayne Kirchoffner

     2nd Place: Mark Baysinger*

     3rd Place: John Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: Elijah Schnurman

Men's B Singles

     1st Place: Aaron Kurowski*

     2nd Place: Utkarsh Singh*

     3rd Place: Scott Heuchelin*

     1st Cons: Mark Kuennen*

Men's C Singles

     1st Place: Brian White*

     2nd Place: Craig Peck*

     3rd Place: Rick Beier*

     1st Cons: Nic Monthei*

Men's D Singles

     1st Place: Casey Anderson

     2nd Place: Andrew Beier*

     3rd Place: Bill Borseth*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's Open Singles

     1st Place: Matthew Guetzko*

     2nd Place: Jacob Pitzenberger*

     3rd Place: Russ Powers*

     1st Cons: n/a

Multi-Bounce 8 and Under

     1st Place: Noah Strohmeyer*

     2nd Place: Joshua Dunsbergen*

     3rd Place: Nolan Baysinger*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's C Singles

     1st Place: Karla Graves*

     2nd Place: Krista Yourstone*

     3rd Place: Bridget Funk*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's Open/A Singles

     1st Place: Christina Menning*

     2nd Place: Katie Yourstone*

     3rd Place: Hannah Schnurman*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's 35 Doubles

     1st Place: Ted Derry* / Ron Sweeney

     2nd Place: Bob Johnson* / Mick Secory*

     3rd Place: Rod Bergren* / Brad Piatt*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A/B Doubles

     1st Place: Andy Briggs* / Johnny Reimers

     2nd Place: Bryan Borchert / Jack Stewart

     3rd Place: Wayne Kirchoffner / Justin Reichter*

     1st Cons: Mark Kuennen* / Aaron Kurowski*

Men's C/D Doubles

     1st Place: Brent Slings* / Justin Wettering*

     2nd Place: Steve McClure* / Ed Ward*

     3rd Place: Brandon Behrens / Jared Ramthun

     1st Cons: Andrew Beier* / Rick Beier*

Men's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Jacob Pitzenberger* / Russ Powers2*

     2nd Place: Rob Paulsen* / Johnny Reimers

     3rd Place: Nathan Jobe* / Michael White

     1st Cons: n/a

Mixed Open/A Doubles

     1st Place: Gabby Schnurman* / Bill Whipps*

     2nd Place: Renae Lampkin* / Rob Paulsen*

     3rd Place: Cheryl Conrad* / Gerald Eichhorn*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's Open/A Doubles

     1st Place: Cheryl Conrad* / Billie Dyer*

     2nd Place: Susan Acoymo* / Renae Lampkin*

     3rd Place: Karla Graves* / Deb Hanna*

     1st Cons: n/a

TBD = To Be Determined/Not Played
* = Award not picked up
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