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QuickTourney is an easy to use racquetball tournament scheduling program that allows you to setup a weekend tournament in hours instead of days. It handles player entry, bracket setup, court scheduling, draw sheets, scorecards, starting times, and court management.

It has been used to schedule and run multiple racquetball tournaments around Iowa, including the Iowa Games (150-170 participants), Oakmoor Spring Invitational and Fall Classic (200-250 participants), and Iowa State Singles/Doubles (50 participants). Just take a look at some of the screen shots.

Player data can either be hand entered or imported from an Excel spreadsheet. Data can be optionally saved for easier entry next year.

Setting up brackets is a breeze. Just pick the players from a list and click where you want to place them. Changes are simple, just click, and replace.

Schedule the tournament your way. QuickTourney does all the messy work for you. Select the match you want to schedule and it highlights where the possible conflicts are. Schedule the match, and it is all taken care of. Times and courts are all automatically updated on the draw sheets.

Print professional looking drawsheets with your club logo, or a sponsor’s logo in the background. No more filling out score cards! As the tournament moves along, all data is updated real time. Score cards are filled out automatically. All you need to do is print.

The court manager makes running the tournament desk a breeze. QuickTourney keeps track of who is on the court, and who is on deck. All you have to do is record the scores and hand out the cards.

Click Here to Download QuickTourney
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