Oakmoor 2007 Fall Classic
Official Results

Golden Masters

     1st Place: Dennis Healy*

     2nd Place: Larry Johnson

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Dennis Baysinger


     1st Place: Justus Benson*

     2nd Place: Paige Anderson*

     3rd Place: Alex Burns*

     1st Cons: n/a


     1st Place: Randy Hisey

     2nd Place: Steve Nims

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Tony Anderson

Men's A Singles

     1st Place: Johnny Riemers

     2nd Place: Gerry Bennett*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Luke Harden

Men's B Singles

     1st Place: AJ Moorjani

     2nd Place: Doug McKain*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Brad Bernardy*

Men's C Singles

     1st Place: Kevin Benjamin

     2nd Place: Paul Martin

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Chuck Mohr*

Men's D Singles

     1st Place: Dylan Shoemaker

     2nd Place: Alex Barfield

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Brent Talbert*

Men's Open Singles

     1st Place: Brad Hansen

     2nd Place: Brad McCunniff*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Darrin Prince

Men's AA Singles

     1st Place: Jake Bredenbeck

     2nd Place: Michael Bone

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Russ Powers*

Mult-Bounce Majors

     1st Place: Adam Burns*

     2nd Place: Ben Dixon*

     3rd Place: Jared Strohmeyer*

     1st Cons: n/a

Multi-Bounce Midgets

     1st Place: Charlie Ellis*

     2nd Place: Max Tarkett*

     3rd Place: Luke Parkinson*

     1st Cons: n/a

Multi-Bounce Pee Wees

     1st Place: Charlie Ellis*

     2nd Place: Sam Parkinson*

     3rd Place: Meyer Lederman*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior B

     1st Place: Jerry Tarkett

     2nd Place: Jorge Harwood*

     3rd Place: Joe Williams*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior Open

     1st Place: Terry Kisling

     2nd Place: Matt Whipps

     3rd Place: Kevin Baysinger

     1st Cons: n/a

Two Bounce

     1st Place: Jacob Thompson*

     2nd Place: Kobe Burns*

     3rd Place: Lucas Shoemaker*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's A Singles

     1st Place: Brenda Jones

     2nd Place: Missy Menning*

     3rd Place: Jean Chleborad

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's B/C Singles

     1st Place: Courtney Keeney

     2nd Place: Mary Jones

     3rd Place: Kristine Onken

     1st Cons: n/a

Master's Doubles

     1st Place: Steve Hirko* / Rich Strauss*

     2nd Place: Ron Sweeney* / Bob Vermett

     3rd Place: Kevin Burns* / Ed Killin*

     1st Cons: n/a

Men's A Doubles

     1st Place: Matt Whipps / Jason Brown*

     2nd Place: Gerry Bennett* / Kelly Pace

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Justin Ott* / Casey Wright

Men's B/C Doubles

     1st Place: Andy Briggs / Brett Jobqen

     2nd Place: Brad Bernardy* / Chuck Mohr*

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: Richard Andriano / Mark Kuennen

Men's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Brad Hansen / Brad McCunniff*

     2nd Place: Blake Hansen* / Travis Mettenbrink

     3rd Place: TBD

     1st Cons: John Brumm / Jake Pitzenberger

Mixed A/B Doubles

     1st Place: Missy Menning* / Russ Powers*

     2nd Place: Deb Hannah / Tom Sanft

     3rd Place: Cheryl Conrad / Richard Ross

     1st Cons: n/a

Mixed Open Doubles

     1st Place: Page Kern / Terry Kisling

     2nd Place: Ryan Jacobs* / Lori Southwick

     3rd Place: Gabrielle Shnurman* / Bill Whipps*

     1st Cons: n/a

Senior's Doubles

     1st Place: Mark Mingles / Rob Paulsen*

     2nd Place: Ryan Davis / Michael White*

     3rd Place: Kevin Eick* / Bruce Lewis*

     1st Cons: n/a

Women's Open Doubles

     1st Place: Page Kern / Lori Southwick

     2nd Place: Cheryl Conrad* / Billie Dyer

     3rd Place: Carolyn Foster* / Grace Jaworsky

     1st Cons: n/a

TBD = To Be Determined/Not Played
* = Award not picked up
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